Keyword, author GB retrieval on UH Gene-Server: GB r.69

Doug.Eernisse at UB.CC.UMICH.EDU Doug.Eernisse at UB.CC.UMICH.EDU
Tue Oct 8 10:55:22 EST 1991

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> The UH Gene-Server has been updated with new data and software as well
> as new retrieval capabilities.
> GenBank(tm) release 69 is now available on the server. In addition,
> keyword and limited author searching is available (finally!).  The
> keyword search relies on the KEYWORD line in each GenBank entry.  The
> command
> will result in a listing of all the *entries* containing the keyword
> COLLAGEN being returned to you. Since there can be *many* entries this
> service does NOT return the entries themselves. You must send a
>         SEND LOCUS locus1 locus2 locus3
> where "locus1 locus2 locus3" are the names of the entries in which you
> are interested.
This is really a big plus. Without wanting to sound at all ungrateful
for the present state of the searches, are there any tricks to 
accomplish either of the following?
--Search for keyword entries since the last release
--Specify a taxonomic grouping or otherwise get information about
  which taxa the accession numbers refer to, without requesting
  all of them
For example, here is a small fraction of the entries for '18S' as
a keyword:
 SUSRREA1 18S ribosomal RNA; ribosomal RNA.
 SUSRREA2 18S ribosomal RNA; ribosomal RNA.
 SUSRREA3 18S ribosomal RNA; ribosomal RNA.
 TURRR18S 18S ribosomal RNA.
 TYPRR18S 18S ribosomal RNA.
 WHTMTRRE 18S ribosomal RNA; ribosomal RNA.
 WHTRR18S3 18S ribosomal RNA; ribosomal RNA.
 XELRRN18S 18S ribosomal RNA; ribosomal RNA.
 CRURGAA1 18S ribosomal RNA.
 CRURGAA2 18S ribosomal RNA.
 CRURGAB1 18S ribosomal RNA.
These were selected at random but they illustrate how difficult it
might be to find new additions to GenBank, unless there is another
Doug Eernisse
Doug_Eernisse at ub.cc.umich.edu

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