Query about Northern blot image analysis software

Wed Oct 30 12:40:00 EST 1991

A request for help: I have a user who needs recommendations and
suggestions on some special software, public or commercial, for use
on a Macintosh or IBM....

She has hardware and software which scans the autoradiogram coming
out of Northern blot analysis into a TIFF file on her PC. What she
wants additional software for is to quantify the peak densities
implicit in the image data, that is, to resolve the blobs in the

Software which runs semi-automatically, requiring user intervention
where data are perceived to be ambiguous, is acceptable. Provision
for the user to define background areas is desirable.

We are already aware of a couple public-domain packages which are
relevant to this work: GelReader and NIH Image -- the latter
mentioned in recent Bionet.Software discussion. We are also aware of
a commercial product for scan analysis, from Biosoft, which appears
to be relevant. Your comments on the use of these packages, in light
of our Northern blot application, will be of interest to us.

But what else exists? What do some of you use? Any help or advice,
specific or general, will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance! -- Mark Reboul

mark at cuccfa.ccc.columbia.edu / mark at cuccfa.bitnet

Mark Reboul, Sr. User Services Consultant
Columbia University Cancer Center
Computing Facility, P&S 1-420
630 West 168th Street
New York, NY 10032

(212) 305-7360

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