image processing [coordinates from scanned images]

Reinhard Doelz / URZ Basel doelz at urz.unibas.ch
Wed Oct 9 13:16:33 EST 1991

We have digitized images of a video camera, which are black and 
white in approx. 500 * 500 resolution. The image is an electron micrograph
prepared by "rotary shadowing". This gives a very coarse grain of 
spots of the size of up to 4x4 pixels, and round shape. The object we are 
interested in is a lengthy rod, of about 100x6 pixels, which is bended and 
looks like a worm. There are multiple of these worms on each image, but they
don't interfere. For measuring, we would like to have the coordinates of the 
midpoint of the bended rods. 

Question: Given a  TIFF or other popular image format, is there a software 
which will filter out the grainy background, and determine the coordinates
in the form of approx. 100 coordinate pairs per worm? 


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