Looking for ORTEP information...

Kirk M. Anne kann at uhura.cc.rochester.edu
Tue Oct 8 09:38:33 EST 1991

I am a system adminstrator on a VAXcluster which runs the ORTEP software.
One of our researchers uses this software and requires a QMS printer to
print the plots.  Due to rising costs, we cannot continue to use the
QMS QuikScript printer that we have and have replaced it with PostScript

Does anybody out there have software which 

	a) is a new version of ORTEP with PS drivers?
	b) handles converting QuikScript to PS, REGIS or TEK4014?
	c) is another driver for the ORTEP software?

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Kirk Anne				Internet: kann at uhura.cc.rochester.edu
VMS System Analyst/Programmer		BITNET:   kann at uordbv
University of Rochester			
Rochester, NY 14627

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