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PROfileGRAPH V1.3 -- new update available

Kay Hofmann KHOFMANN at cipvax.biolan.Uni-Koeln.DE
Mon Nov 11 09:19:21 EST 1991

Hello everybody,

I just submitted a new update of the program PROFILEGRAPH to the major
ftp-servers for molbio-software.
PROFILEGRAPH is a user friendly program for graphical analysis of protein
primary structure.

The current version is V1.3, it will be available from

netserv at embl-heidelberg.de   (by mailserver) or from

nic.funet.fi                 (by anonymous ftp)

I enclosed the README file below, among other things the differences to
the previously released version are described.
Feel free to send any comment to the author, use the address given at the
bottom of the README file.
                             Kay Hofmann


executable section:   you need these files for running PROfileGRAPH
documentary section:  you need one of these files for understanding it
source code section:  you need these file + Turbo Pascal 5.5 for 
                      modifying and recompiling it.

file list

executable section:
- PROGRAPH.EXE      the main program
- PROGRAPH.TAB      the startup amino-acid parameter table
-     *   .TAB      perhaps some additional tables
- PROGRAPH.ANA      standard analysis file 
- PROGRAPH.PIF      PIF file for use with MS-WINDOWS 3.0
- PROGRAPH.ICO      Icon file for use with MS-WINDOWS 3.0  
- PG256   .CFG      demo configuration file for 256 color SVGA
- PG16S   .CFG      demo configuration file for 16 color SVGA
- PG16    .CFG      demo configuration file for 16 color EGA/VGA
- PG2     .CFG      demo configuration file for b/w
-     *   .BGI      graphics drivers (copyright BORLAND)
- SVGABGI .ZIP      SVGA drivers (copyright Jordan Hargrave)
- MYPR$HUM.DAT      test sequence file in UWGCG-format
- TPGLVIEW.EXE      TPGL file viewer
- TPGLPRT .BAT      needed for 'special print' feature

documentation section
- PGDOC   .TXT      documentation in ASCII-format 
- PGDOC   .DOC      documentation in MS-WinWord format
- PGDOC   .PS       documentation in POSTSCRIPTTM format
- PG_PAPER.DOC      paper decribing PROFILEGRAPH in MS-WinWord format

source code section:
- PROGRAPH.PAS      the main program
- PG_TYPE .PAS      type declaration unit
- PG_INIT .PAS      variable initialization unit
- PG_CALC .PAS      calculation unit 
- PG_WHEEL.PAS      helical wheel unit   
- POPUP   .PAS      pop-up menu unit
- POPAPP  .PAS      pop-up menu applications unit
- GRUTIL  .PAS      graphics utility unit
- FILUTIL .PAS      file utility unit
- OVR_INIT.PAS      overlay initialization unit
- SEQ     .PAS      sequence utility unit
- HCOPY   .PAS      hard copy utility unit
- MOUSE   .PAS      Microsoft mouse utility unit
- TPGL    .PAS      TPGL-creation unit
- UREADSEQ.PAS      Don Gilbert's READSEQ unit (converted for
                    use with TP5)
- TPGLVIEW.PAS      TPGL file viewer


new features:

 * full SVGA support using J. Hargraves SVGA-drivers. 
 * PROfileGRAPH includes a new MOUSE-unit to provide mouse-usage 
   in SVGA modes (not trivial)
 * new feature for temporarily visiting DOS
 * new feature for analyzing amphipathic structures
 * new TPGL to POSTSCRIPT converter
 * automatic use of the above converter for getting POSTSCRIPT output
 * use of multiple configuration files for personal preferences
 * PROfileGRAPH now works with overlays
 * bug fixed in printer drivers for hardcopy
 * some minor bug fixes
last minute informations:

* since PROfileGRAPH now uses overlays this has to be accounted for when
  recompiling it. All units are compiled with compiler options
  $O+ (overlays allowed)
  $F+ (far coding)
  the program expects its overlay file appended to the .EXE file.
  to provide this, one has to
                   COPY/b  PROGRAPH.EXE+PROGRAPH.OVR
  after compiling the program.
* in the documentary section, paragraphs that have major changes compared
  to the previous release are marked with bars at the left side.
  If you need the documentation in other formats, contact me at the address
  given below.


 a new release of COMAP will appear together with PROfileGRAPH V1.3
 COMAP uses the same graphical user interface and helps in the
 restriction mapping of relatively small DNA fragments ( program will 
 disintegrate if applied to YACs :-)
 I am not sure if it really useful, but at our site some people really 
 use it, and it is for sure fun to try.


Authors address:

Kay Oliver Hofmann                   khofmann at cipvax.biolan.uni-koeln.de
Institut fuer Biochemie (med. Fak.)
Universitaet Koeln
Joseph Stelzmann Str. 52
D-5000 Koeln 41

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