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Staden Package and sequencer data analysis

Fri Nov 8 07:46:00 EST 1991

Francis Ouellette asks:
=> Dear Bruce (and others!)
=> We have the A.L.F. machine too, and I have access to a Sparc 2, but it has
=> monochrome monitor.  Will the Staden package work *well* in monochrome?
=> Will we have to get a colour monitor?
=> Inquiring minds want to know!
=> francis at trog.biol.sfu.ca

   We've got a SPARCstation2 with a color monitor but I have used black/white
monitor on a Mac2cx (2 page monitor but no color) to access the SPARCstation2
via MacX and run XDAP and TED.  The programs output dashed, dotted, etc lines
to represent the different color tracings and thus can be used on b/w screens.
However, it is easier to use color to distinguish ACGT tracings.  I suspect
that you'll eventually want a color monitor.  The 4/40 IPC has a color monitor
and is list price <$7000.  With a 40$ university discount ca. $4000.  This
is a viable alternative.  Also there are color x-terminals around which are
cheeper than this.

The bottom line is that these programs work in b/w mode but are easier to
use in color.

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