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Mon May 13 20:26:00 EST 1991

G'day folk,

I saw this today...

*Date: Mon, 13 May 91 18:34 CDT
*From: Bruce Roe <BROE at aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu>
*Subject: re: pUC vectors
*To: bio-soft at genbank.bio.net

Shouldn't this be "methods @genbank.bio.net"?  Not a complaint from me,
just that it may get a more aappropriate audience there.

*X-Vms-To: IN%"bio-soft at genbank.bio.net"

*You wrote:

*>>  Hi there,
*>>  we are looking for a simple pUC vector (preferably pUC 18
*>>  or 19) with a T7 promoter and a T3 promoter cloned in the
*>>  polylinker.
*>>  We already have pUC118, but this vector contains, as you know,
*>>  an origin for single stranded replication, and this hampers
*>>  our cloning scheme.

Shortened for brevity...


*>But what we really want is a vector that looks like this: pUC sequences-
*>T7 promoter-polylinker-T3 promoter-pUC sequences. Simple ? Yes !
*>M13 ori for ss replication ? No !


*       Bethesda Research Labs. has to vectors called:
*pT7/T3a-18 and pT7/T3a-19.  or at least they do according to their
*catalogue.  They both are pUC bases and have either the pUC18 or 19
*multiple cloning site flanked by the T7 and 73 promoters.

I use the pT7/T3-alpha vectors, and I hate to report that they have
M13 (or f1) ss ori sites.

Sorry to be a bubble burster, but I think that Clemens may have to
start constructing ;-(


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