pUC vectors

clemens suter-crazzolara suter2 at urz.unibas.ch
Mon May 13 08:30:46 EST 1991

original message:

>  Hi there,
>  we are looking for a simple pUC vector (preferably pUC 18
>  or 19) with a T7 promoter and a T3 promoter cloned in the
>  polylinker. 
>  We already have pUC118, but this vector contains, as you know, 
>  an origin for single stranded replication, and this hampers
>  our cloning scheme. 

>  If you have this kind of vector, we would be very pleased to hear
>  from you.

>  Christian and Clemens

this message is apparently very confusing, since we were recieved many
answers (for which we are grateful) that we should use bluescript (or
could it be that only few people know that this vector contains an ori
for single stranded replication ?).
But what we really want is a vector that looks like this: pUC sequences-
T7 promoter-polylinker-T3 promoter-pUC sequences. Simple ? Yes !
M13 ori for ss replication ? No !

Before I start constructing myself, I would like to hear from anybody out
there, whether he has this rather simple construct, or one like it.


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