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Robert J. Robbins rrobbins at NSF.GOV
Sat May 11 18:39:02 EST 1991

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Subject: Tour of the Internet
From: Karen Roubicek <NNSC at nnsc.nsf.net>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 91 10:51:29 -0400

The NSF Network Service Center (NNSC) has developed a Tour of the Internet in
HyperCard (TM) format for novice network users. The stack has basic information
including history, sample email, ftp, and telnet sessions, and a glossary.  The
Tour is intended to be a fun and easy way to learn about the Internet.

We have included a "Local Info" section as part of the Tour.  This section is a
place where an organization can add information relevant to its own group of
users, for example a listing of resources at that site, or other, specialized

The stack uses HyperCard 2.0 (TM) which requires Macintosh system software
version 6.0.5 or higher.  The files have been compressed using StuffIt
1.5.1 and take up about 760k when converted to their original format.

The Internet Tour is available via anonymous ftp on:

      nnsc.nsf.net, directory internet-tour

      filenames <Internet-Tour-README> and <Internet-Tour.sit.hqx>

Our hope is that sites will post the Tour on local, public servers and that
several people will take advantage of the Local Info option to add onto the
basic stack.  We'd like to hear from those who do, and see what they've done.

Please send comments and questions about the Tour to nnsc at nnsc.nsf.net.

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