suggestion for collecting picture-elements

Kay Hofmann KHOFMANN at biolan.uni-koeln.de
Wed May 8 07:34:39 EST 1991

Hello everybody,
When last weekend i had to sit down and draw some alpha-helices
and related protein stuff with a drawing program on my PC,
the idea hit me if there might be sombody out there who had done this
kind of things before..
So what about the suggestion if at some ftp- or server site there were
to establish a collection of drawings, or better, drawing-elements of
general interest to the biochemist/molecular biologist/cellular biologist.
These drawing elements could include

BIOCHEM section
- some structural elements of Protein structure (helices, sheets)
- some symbols used for documenting purification schemes
- several lipid bilayer templates (w/o integral/external proteins)
- perhaps some chemical formulas (AAcids etc.)
- .....

MOLBIO section
- some basic vectors
- some basic cloning sites
- the chromosome set(s) of some species
- .......

CELLBIO section
- some models of common cells
- some models of common organelles
- ...

I could think of many more examples, if i took the time.
All drawings should be released to the public domain and it should be
allowed to modify them according to the special needs.

The drawings could be made available in several formats (for MAC/DOS/VMS)
there are some standard formats for some of the computers, preferable
are freely scalable vecotr formats 
(perhaps ACAD,DESIGNER,CORELDRAW etc. for DOS computers
 MacDRAW etc. for Macs
 GKS ore related metafiles for general use,
 (encapsulated) POSTSCRIPT or HPGL-Format would be other alternatives)

I would be interested, if other would think this to be a valuable and
manageable collection.
Kay Hofmann
Institut fuer Biochemie (med.Fak.)
Universitaet Koeln
Joseph-Stelzmann-Str. 52
D-5000 Koeln 41

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