Request for software program on Neuron function

Alex Colburn colburn at handel.CS.ColoState.Edu
Fri May 3 12:16:34 EST 1991

In article <9104291354.AA01995 at genbank.bio.net> ANSC6 at UMDC.UMD.EDU writes:
>A request was made concerning a shareware program on neuron function.  A
>series of programs were announced on this list some time ago, and one of those
>was a program on action potentials of neurons.  What follows is that
>announcement (with the description of the other programs edited out). Good
>Mark Varner
>ansc6 at umdc.umd.edu
>Reply-To: colburn at handel.cs.colostate.edu (Alex Colburn)
>Geneplot, Actpot, and Growplot Versions 4.0
>    I am announcing the availability of three programs I
>wrote as a biology graduate student at the University of Iowa.

	I've been getting a lot of mail lately concerning my biology
simulations,  so I thought I'd give an update on the status.
Currently Anyone can Anonymously ftp demonstrations from handel.cs.colostate.edu
They are in a directory /pub.  The filename is called biosims.zip.

This is all that is available at the moment.  When I first announced
these programs I received quite vote of disaproval because I need to
charge a fee to cover costs.  I put everything concerning this project 
on a far back shelf until I can do it properly, meaning putting 
together some bound users guides and study aids.  Including a text
readme file with the programs just isn't good enough.  The simulations
without a users guide are quite useless because they are not animated
textbooks.  They are more like lab experiments in which one may
try different things to learn basic principles.
	When I can afford to spend time and $$ printing off and sending the
manuals, I'll try to get back to everyone who has expressed interest.
(I apologize to those I haven't replied to yet)   

	I'll be back at iowa sometime in june, my email address will
colburn at tessa.iaf.uiowa.edu.

	If anyone seriously wants to use any programs for a course
give me a call and we can work something out.  I probably won't have
a chance to reply to email since it is the end of the semester and
finals are here.


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