pUC vectors

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Mon May 13 21:38:00 EST 1991

I could not help giving my 2 cents worth regarding the posting on pUC vecter.

It seems to me that people of the electronic age are even more narrowly-minded

than their "ancestors".  Maybe they are lazier too.

Answer to the question is the pBS vector from Strategene.  Even if one doesn't

have the money to buy it, one could still do some simple restriction digestion

and ligation to satisfy the experimental need [since the pUC based vector is

available to the questioneer, with an unwanted feature, right?].

Problems tend to be unique for individual project, customerization usually

would be the only way out.  To be a little deligent and broad-minded will

always help.  Another thing is whoever answering the posting is actually doing

the questioneer a favor.  I hope that everyone could keep this in mind.

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