Will there be a GCG for UNIX?

Eric Cabot elmo at troi.cc.rochester.edu
Tue May 21 10:39:00 EST 1991

Does anyone know if the GCG package will be available for
UNIX soon.  Our lab is in the process of moving and there
is an internal struggle going on between those who'd like to
get another VaxStation running VMS (UGH) and those who'd like to get 
a Unix-style workstation.   The main arbiter in all this is 
the principle invesigator who wants to continue using GCG at all
costs (even speed, it would seem).

-Eric Cabot

Eric Cabot                              |    elmo at uhura.cc.rochester.edu
      "insert your face here"           |    elmo at uordbv.bitnet

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