Request of information

Fri May 3 12:01:14 EST 1991

I am a student working at the University of Milan for my graduation
thesis in the field of molecular biology of Pseudomonas.
For my work I have the need to construct large restriction maps of the site
I am interested in.
Some kind of software could help me very much in this situation, but 
unfortunately I cannot rely on any program to do such kind of analysis.
Could you, please, help me and show how I can obtain a program suited
to my purpose? (available by FTP or by request to somebody)
I was given your address by Dr. Kristofferson who told me that you
could direct me exactly to what I want.
He told me about the UH Server but suggested however to ask you for
a specific request about this kind of program.
You could help me to reach my aim very quickly, if you just can !
I'll appreciate very much any you suggestion.

P.S. I can rely on both Macintosh and IBM clones for the hardware.

Thank you very much in advance


Filippo Geuna

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