ion concentrations

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In article <1991May7.155321 at crocus.medicine.rochester.edu> ajp2o at crocus.medicine.rochester.edu writes:
>I am looking for a PD piece of software that I can use to
>calculate free cation (i.e., calcium ion) concentrations
>given an assortment of ligand concentrations (e.g., EGTA, ATP,
>etc.), and dissociation constants.
>Anthony Persechini				Dept. of Physiology, Box 642
>Assistant Professor				School of Medicine
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>				University of Rochester
>ajp2o at crocus.medicine.rochester.edu 		Rochester, NY  14642

I obtained a set of programs for doing these calculations from
Dr. Alexandre Fabiato (Department of Physiology, Medical College of
Virginia, Richmond, VA 23298-0551). The program descriptions and
source code can be found in Methods in Enzymology (1988) 157, 378-417.
The programs were originally written for the IBM-PC class of machines
and require a 80x87 math co-processor. Dr. Fabiato will send the source
and compiled programs on request, but there may be some delay.
 Perhaps they could be posted to an ftp-able site. 

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