Summary: Mass. Gen. Hospital MUMPS language

James P. H. Fuller jim at crom2.uucp
Sun May 19 11:53:14 EST 1991

     Here are the responses I have received so far to my query about the
Mass. General Hospital MUMPS language:


From: dysart at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu (Mitchell D Dysart)
Subject: Re: Where can I get the MUMPS language?

jim at crom2.uucp (James P. H. Fuller) writes:

>     Can somebody tell me where to obtain any version of the MUMPS
> (Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System) program-
> ming language for either MS-DOS or 386-based System V Unix?  I would
> prefer (natch!) a freeware or low-cost shareware version but will consider
> anything.

An MS-DOS version of Mumps in available from:
		DataTree, Inc.
		318 Bear Hill Road
		Waltham, MA  02154

For all I know, they may also have a 386-Unix version.

You should also try InterSystems.  Sorry, I don't have an address
but call Johns Hopkins in Baltimore for a reference.


From: nstar!samsung!uunet!actrix.gen.nz!Paul.Gillingwater
Subject: Re: Where can I get the MUMPS language?

I have seen a version of MUMPS from a company called Micronetics.
Their software, Micronetics Standard Mumps (MSM) works on HP-UX, but
I presume they have ports for other boxes.


From: nstar!iuvax!tiger.eecs.ucdavis.edu!walters (Richard Walters)
Subject: forwarded MUMPS info request

I received a copy of a request you sent out regarding MUMPS on a pc,
preferably public domain.  We distribute what I believe is the only public
domain version. There are two versions available: one which is a bit older
(about 1988) in which each MUMPS routine is stored as a single DOS file. The
other has routines stored in one large file and buffers their use, something
that is useful in running things like VA File Manager.

The former, older version is availbale from us for a distribution cost of
$55.00, check made out to Regents, University of California. Send request to
me as follows:

Richard F. Walters
Divisoin of Computer Science
University of California
Davis, CA 95616-8562

once you get it, you can copy it as much as you like.

The later version (which has a few bug fixes in addition to the things described
above) is available for $55.00 made out to (and sent to)

DM Information Systems  (a company owned by two former students)
Box 1918
Davis, CA 95617

I am trying to get out of the distribution business, so this is the way we
will continue to distribute updates, if and whenw e make them.

I should caution that neither version has the 1990 extensions. We ran out of
support a long time ago and have not been able to find funds to update the
current version.


From: nstar!iuvax!ATT.COM!Dan_Jacobson
Subject: Where can I get the MUMPS language?

comp.std.mumps is a newsgroup too...


     I also ran across a reference to and phone number for the MUMPS Users
Group (301-779-6555) in John Dvorak's "Inside Track" column in the May 28
_PC Magazine_.  Considering that this column is widely read and the ref.
to the MUG number was accompanied by several very laudatory paragraphs
about the MUMPS language, I expect that number will stay pretty busy for
a while.

     Thanks very much to everyone who responded!

                                                  James Fuller

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