Will there be a GCG for UNIX?

Peter Rice Peter.Rice at EMBL-HEIDELBERG.DE
Wed May 22 04:29:00 EST 1991


>Does anyone know if the GCG package will be available for
>UNIX soon.  Our lab is in the process of moving and there
>is an internal struggle going on between those who'd like to
>get another VaxStation running VMS (UGH) and those who'd like to get
>a Unix-style workstation.   The main arbiter in all this is
>the principle investigator who wants to continue using GCG at all
>costs (even speed, it would seem).

GCG version 7.0 is just being released, and will also appear some
time soon for Unix. The conversion will be done by GCG, so you would
be wise to contact them (E-mail to HELP at GCG.COM) and ask them about
systems supported, pricing, and features (and the expected release date).

Alternatively, GCG is already supported on the Convex. But I guess you had
some other Unix-style workstation (ugh) in mind. Convex "cheated", they just
modified their VMS emulation libraries to include all the calls GCG uses.

I would certainly recommend using GCG at all costs - but as a VMS system
manager and GCG user I am a little biased. The big advantage is the access
to the source code and the procedure library.

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