Will there be a GCG for UNIX?

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In article <14179 at ur-cc.UUCP> elmo at troi.cc.rochester.edu (Eric Cabot) writes:
>Does anyone know if the GCG package will be available for
>UNIX soon.  Our lab is in the process of moving and there
>is an internal struggle going on between those who'd like to
>get another VaxStation running VMS (UGH) and those who'd like to get 
>a Unix-style workstation.   The main arbiter in all this is 
>the principle invesigator who wants to continue using GCG at all
>costs (even speed, it would seem).
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With all due respect to GCG, which is a fine package of programs, it isn't
the last word in sequence analysis and shouldn't be the sole factor in 
deciding what platform you use. There are lots of other programs and 
program packages that run under Unix that, in many cases, do the job as
well or better than GCG. Some cost less than GCG, while others are free.
Some examples off the top of my head:

FASTA     Similarity searches etc.                           free     
FSAP      General sequence analysis                          free
Delila    Database management, pattern matching etc.         free
MBCRR     Sequence editor, similarity, pattern matching etc. free
MBIR      Databases, similarity, protein, etc.                 $ 
PHYLIP    Phylogeny construction                             free
Prophet   Molecular graphics, modeling, etc.                 $ (500?)
XYLEM     Sequence database management                       free

This is only a very short list of the things that are available under
Unix. I have highlighted what I see as the main  strengths of each
package, so be aware that many of these packages have more capabilities
than are shown above. One nice feature is that most of these, along with
a host of other programs not mentioned above, are available through
anoymous FTP. 

It's important to realize that no one program package can do everything,
and certainly no single package can do everything _well_.  Some very
exciting things are happening  in Unix, and you should take advantage of

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