Primer Design software?

c_leong at fennel.cc.uwa.oz.au c_leong at fennel.cc.uwa.oz.au
Wed May 15 08:13:30 EST 1991

Are  there currently facilities availible over the Net that help in the design
of PCR primers. What I am interested in, particularly, is the amplification of
transfected H-2K(b) MHC class I antigens without cross-amplifying the endogenous
H-2(d) class I. So, are there facilities availible that will allow comparisons
between the sequences in Genbank and then provide unique regions which
can be used as PCR primers.

By the way does anyone know of published primers for haplotype specific
class I antigens pcr amplification, I would be grateful for information
if someone has already designed these primers.

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