Sequence Editor? RFLP map figures? can-u-help?

hey at mbcl.rutgers.edu hey at mbcl.rutgers.edu
Fri May 31 00:44:33 EST 1991

I am working on a sequencing project in which we generate about 25
sequences of the same gene, taken from several individuals of each of 
several closely related species.  I am looking for suggestions for MSDOS
software to fulfill two different jobs.
(1) I need a good text editer for lining things up. Wish list includes : fast; 
supports 50 lines on VGA; column blocking and movement; unlimited row length 
with current column number presented; unlimited file size; and macros. I have
been switching between Wordstar and XTREE 1word as each has its strengths. GCG
Lineup is right out.  

(2) I need something with which to create and laserprint figures of maps
of variable sites. Something that's good at producing typical RFLP maps 
would do the job.

Any suggestions?  Thanks much.      
 Jody Hey

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