KEN PETERS PHONE: 284-2139 peters at MAYO.EDU
Mon Mar 18 09:54:27 EST 1991

In addition to the other drawing programs for chemical compounds which were
mentioned here the past couple days, there appears to be a new program(s) 
worth looking into, just announced this month, but according to the article
appearing in Macweek News (3/5/91) not due to ship until JUNE 91.

The program is called "ISIS/Draw"  (Integrated Scientific Information System)
and will be available for both IBM/compatible and MAC systems, as well as
VAX/VMS and other systems, according to the article.  It is suppose to have
chemical intelligence that "understands the chemistry behind reactions", and
warns the user when valence limits are exceeded.

Additional program information:

	ISIS/Draw, $495 (mac application)
	Molecular Design Ltd.
	2132 Farallon Drive
	San Leandro, Calif. 94577
	Tele: (415)895-1313

	Fax:  (415)352-2870

[I know nothing about this program or company other than what I have
 read in the Macweek news article (3/5/91).  I just wanted to pass along
 the information to others who might be interested.]

Ken Peters
Peters at Mayo.edu  (internet)

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