Yves Bertheau bertheau at jouy.inra.fr
Wed Mar 27 05:55:04 EST 1991

Does anybody use SAS (FASTCLUS..., FACTOR...) for phylogenic studies ?
We plan to compare the  trees we could obtained with the phenetic and
cladistic approaches with their, as yet known, biological significance.

Matrix data are of 0 and 1 resulting from the presence/absence of restriction
sites in PCR amplified fragments.

Since I am beginner in SAS I am looking for distance methods to use in SAS
as well as the procedures to use (Statisticians said that I have to make
several statistical tests e.g. Principal Components analysis mixed with
classification procedures.

Could anybody help me ?

Thanks in advance.

                                Yves Bertheau
                                Plant Pathology
                                Paris FRANCE

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