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James W. Dolter jdolter at eecs.umich.edu
Thu Mar 28 05:43:34 EST 1991

>>>>> Regarding Help - GCG Postscript output; csax at helix.nih.gov (Carl Saxinger) adds:
csax> Article-I.D.: nih-csl.1126

csax> The problem is, I am not in the least bit fluent in Postscript.  

csax> Can anyone tell me how I can massage a PostScript file containing
csax> GCG graphics output (Adobe-PS-v1.0) and get out something which
csax> a Silicon Graphics workstation will print out?

csax> I thought with all the sequence analysis experts reading these boards
csax> this might be duck soup for someone.

csax> Thanks,
csax> Carl Saxinger

We are currently using GCG version 6.2.

The PostScript files generated with the /psinclude option do not contain
the command "showpage".

If you want to print the postscript file out using a generic spooling
environment append a showpage at the end of the file.

NOTE.  If you are going to try to include the postscript in another document
you may also run into problems with the "initgraphics" operator used during
initialization.  The banner doesn't claim that the PostScript is actually 
EPS so wisc can't really be blamed.  So far we have been able to 
successfully include dotplot and pepplot output in LaTeX documents without
much trouble.

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