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Subject: New Position at EFF
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Organization: The Electronic Frontier Foundation

                Electronic Frontier Foundation
                        Job Announcement

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is looking to hire a Boston-based Director
of Communications (DoC) to become its second full-time employee.

A key aspect of the EFF's mission is to educate the public about the
opportunities and challenges posed to society by technological developments
in computers and telecommunications.  The Foundation has taken a leading
role in the effort to make sure that civil liberties are protected in the
exercise of communication through computer networks and electronic bulletin

The EFF's public education activities are carried out through a variety of
media including computer conferencing systems, public speaking, writing
articles for periodicals and newspapers, appearances at public and private
forums, its own publications including online and print newsletters, and a
variety of special projects and publications.

EFF Board members, staff, volunteers, and legal counsel all participate in
these activities.  The DoC will serve as a dedicated resource in these areas in
order to provide oversight and co-ordination, as well as to be a principal
contributor to the activities.

The ideal candidate will possess:

%       the ability to think clearly

%       the writing, editing, and speaking skills to convey ideas with impact.
Needs to be able to deal with complex technical and legal issues by simplifying
without trivializing.

%       an understanding of the theory and practice of "The Marketing of
Ideas",  in order to reach journalists, computer professionals, politicians,
hackers, lawyers, and other groups

%       comfort with the world of  online communications and its "savage user

%       a strong idealistic streak, tempered by a knowledge of what is possible.
%       perseverance and patience.

%       knowing when to use volunteers and when to use experts.  Has to be
able to co-ordinate the two in order to maximize limited resources. Needs to
know how to nudge.  A facilitator, not a dictator.

 General legal knowledge is a plus.

The position  is available immediately.  For  further information, contact:

        Mitchell Kapor
        Electronic Frontier Foundation, Inc.
        155 Second St.
        Cambridge, MA 02141

        (617) 864-1550
        (617) 864-0866 (fax)

        mkapor at eff.org

Please post and circulate this announcement.

Mike Godwin, (617) 864-0665 | "You gotta put down the ducky
mnemonic at eff.org            |  if you wanna play the saxophone."
Electronic Frontier         |
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