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Device Drivers for Freelance
My lab uses Lotus Freelance as a drawing package, mostly directing output to a
HP Laserjet. Some time ago we purchased a Presentation Technologies Montage
Film Recorder to make slides. The problem we have is that sending HPGL output
to the Montage is **very** slow. Ideally we would like to convert the output
to Lasergraphics Language. We can do this for small files, but not for more
complex ones. Freelance does not have a Montage driver and Lotus UK is
absolutely uninterested in helping us with such a driver. We are using PC's
rather tham Macs.
So my question is:

Does anybody out there have a Montage driver for Freelance - or can you suggest
any other way round this problem? Apart from changing to a different drawing
package, which would be very difficult for us since we have a large number of
Freelance files.
Thanks in advance.
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