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Mon Mar 4 17:44:14 EST 1991

One of our professors has a stereology program (i.e., it uses a
digitizing tablet to trace cells, organelles, etc. from an electron
micrograph, stores the traced image, and allows analysis of areas,
volumes, frequency counts of these structures) that she is converting
into GKS to allow it to work on a number of other terminals.  She would
also like to convert the program to work with a Mac.  

Her initial question, therefore, is whether there are any programs that
can work with GKS files or translate them to a format that can be used
by other Mac programs?  If so, what are they and who makes them?

If not, what options do they have for making a program that would work
directly from a Mac?  The person doing the conversion has some
experience with programming on Macs but could use some direction about
where to start.

Thanks for any suggestions!  (You can email to me and I will pass the
information on.)

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