Thanks to the replies

TAO%OPUS at mcoiarc.bitnet TAO%OPUS at mcoiarc.bitnet
Sat Mar 30 21:09:00 EST 1991

My sincere thanks to everyone who replied to my request for help on PIR.

I have successfully retrieved the sequences I needed by sending e-mail

commond to FILESERV at GUNBRF.BITNET.  The best way to start with is to send

the command HELP to this address.  However, anyone may find it otherwise.

A side story is that the e-mail protein sequence search against PIR database

is free and very fast (maybe this is because of the fact that I was doing it

over the weekend?).

Tao Tao
Department of Microbiology
Medical College of Ohio          Internet: tao at opus.iarc.mco.edu
Toledo, Ohio 43699-0008          Bitnet:   Tao%opus at mcoiarc.bitnet

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