The number 1 FTP site in the Galaxy (nic.funet.fi or

"Robert Harper Finland", CSC HARPER at CSC.FI
Fri Mar 8 12:21:00 EST 1991

                 	Welcome to NIC.FUNET.FI 
                  The number 1 Ftp site in the Galaxy
   This is a Sun4/330 with (9-Jan-91) 2.8GB disk space (1.9GB used). This
   is owned by the  Finnish Academic and Research Network Project FUNET,
   and is located at the Finnish State Computing Centre, near Helsinki,
   Finland. The Internet address is nic.funet.fi and the IP number is 


    - Intro
    - What is considered proper conduct of anonymous FTP usage
    - Non-standard FTP features
    - Physical disk structure is hidden behind logical one
    - Restrictions
    - Contacts about material on NIC
    - Uploading
    - FTPD sources
    - What is `Freely distributable' ?


   This system has plenty of freely distributable material on its FTPable
   areas. We also have plans for a couple of info-server -like systems for
   maildelivery of remote files (few which are monitored here).  BUT NOT
   YET! (Details will be explained later when those systems are

   If you have any questions regarding materials in this archive, read
   first `Contacts about material on NIC' below.  If you can't locate the
   correct person/mail alias with it, try `maints at nic.funet.fi'  since this
   will send mail to every moderator, or if you only want to contact a
   moderator that deals with scientific issues then mail to
   sci at nic.funet.fi 


   Like many systems world wide, ours offers  anonymous  logins for FTP
   users.   For those who have this priviledge of using ftp, here are some
   do's and dont's:

	- When You are working over long distance links, do limit yourself
	  to off hours.  When working between the USA and Finland, try it
	  after 4 PM OUR time ( 10 AM Eastern USA time.)  And remember that
	  we wake up 10 hours before California.
	  We are at time zone  `GMT +2h'.

	- 90% of material in this archive have originated from various
	  locations all over USA.  Sometimes those locations are well
	  known.  Often not.  We try to indicate origins if we know them.
	  DO try to use a server nearest to yourself. Quite many central 
          european sites have connections to RIPE/NORDUnet only via USA,  
          thus USA located servers are more convenient to use.

	- When you log in anonymous, you are prompted with:
	    331 Guest login ok, send ident (your email address) as password.
	  It really means what is says: Give your email address as password.
	  We like to know how is using our server.

	  If your FTP program uses  getpass(3) routine blindly (most
	  BSD networking source derived FTP programs), you can't enter
	  more than 8 characters for password.  Ever.
	  Try to install FTP program from pub/localsrc/reno+mea-ftp.tar.Z.
	  You can then feed in a lot longer `passwords'.
	  (It has replacement for getpass() which inputs 130 chars.)

	- When you upload something, make sure it is freely distributable.
	  For example some GIF images we have received are very obviously
	  scanned from magazines, which have publication copyrights on them.
	  This makes it illegal to copy those pictures `without the prior
	  written consent of publisher.'

	- See below more about what is `Freely Distributable'.


        This FTPSERVER has some special features which may help on grabbing
        files from NIC:

	<filename>.Z	   Compress designated file while
			   fetching from this system.
	<dirname>.tar	   Make a TAR (using GNU tar-1.07) of a directory.
	<filename>.tar	   Make a TAR (- " -) of file.
	<dirname>.tar.Z    Make a compressed tar of directory.
	<filename>.tar.Z   Make a compressed tar of file.
	Note:	It isn't very useful to compress .arc, .zoo, .gif or
		.Z files.  Usually they just expand when compressed :-(
		( Compression is useful for .txt or .dat files )

	Note2:  This ftp server won't perform .tar or .tar.Z transfer
                (mentioned above) for top level directories.
		This is to avoid accidental loading of whole archives over
		the network to your disk.   Several gigabytes of .tar isn't
		very easy to handle:-) So .tar and/or .tar.Z will only work 
                in some subdirectories. Of course, this restriction doesn't 
                apply for regular files.

   Special command   `FIND regexpr'  (your average UNIX ftp client accepts
   it like this:  `quote find WordRef')  to run regexpr matching against
   files in archive. So if you do not want to wade through all the
   directories looking for some software you could give the command
   "quote find jokes" which would find material of a humourous nature.


	This server hides physical disks and symlinks used to point to them
        from anonymous user, but only partially:
	ftp> cd /pub
	250 CWD command successful.
	ftp> pwd
	257 "/disk1/pub" is current directory.
        ftp> cd ..
        250 CWD command successful.
        ftp> pwd
        257 "/disk1" is current directory.
	ftp> cd /pub/msdos
        250 CWD command successful.
        ftp> pwd
	257 "/disk2/msdos" is current directory.

   You can, of course, use the physical names, but please confine yourself
   to logical presentation.  We often change PHYSICAL things around. Thus
   coming back up with `cd ..'  might get you into strange directories...
   If you want to move back to  /pub, use   "cd /pub", not "cd .." to get
   expected result.  Otherwise you may wind up somewhere wierd...


   This FTPSERVER counts the number of anonymous customers simultaneously
   on the system, and currently limits it to 16 simultaneous FOREIGN
   anonymous users, so it doesn't show how many finns there are, also the
   restriction of 16 simultaneous users doesn't apply for Finns.

   Note that we are located far away from the USA. Our connection to the
   USA is only a 128 KBits/Sec terrestial link (which is used by all the
   scandinavian countries).   Our main purpose is to be central repository
   for Finnish users.  Lately trafic on that link has been TWICE as great
   from the USA as it has been from Finland, think about that...


   For the molbio archive ( /pub/sci/molbio ) you can send questions to
   sci at nic.funet.fi or molbio at nic.funet.fi.  NIC just provides the disk
   space, people behind `sci' or 'molbio' take care of the material.

   For other interest areas:  There is a file  /etc/aliases  which contains
   some comment informations from actual system mail alias database. See if
   you can find proper contact  person/mail alias  from there. There are
   aliases for at least following:

	386ix		386 UNIX software
	amiga		CBM Amiga programs
	astro		Some (amateur) astronomy related material
	atari		Atari archive
	cae-sw		Some public CAE software/databases
	gif-adm		GIF pictures archive maintainers
	gnu		GNU material
	ham		Radio-Amateur operations related software and data
	mac		Macintosh software
	mach		/pub/mach - Mach mikrokernel
	minix		comp.os.minix archives et.al.
	molbio		Molecular Biology archive
	msdos		MS-DOS/PC-DOS and alikes
	os2		OS/2 interests
	unix		General UNIX
	vms		Some VMS software
	xwin		X-Windows
	csc		Material from the Centre for Scientific Computing (CSC)
	sci		Serious Science  materials, databases, programs
    	maints		All archive maintainers
	ftp-bugs	Bug reporting address

   We also have a mail server for - among other things - to manipulate
   internal mailing lists. This is mailserver/unix and not LISTSERV/VM
   any similarities are purely coincidental:-) You may wish to join to 
   NEWMSDOS list for example:

		Mail mailserver at nic.funet.fi
		Subject: Requesting lists and help

		subscribe newmsdos Joe User

   When you send mail to mailserver at nic.funet.fi as in the above example 
   you will  1) add you to list NEWMSDOS with real name 'Joe User', 2) give
   a list of locally known mailing lists, 3) print basic help with pointers
   for more.  Overall, this behaves much in the same style as BITNET LISTSERVs,
   but as it isn't LISTSERV, it isn't called one either.


   See file  /README.UPLOADER  for detailed procedure and explanations. 
   Briefly:  there are directories that are world writable, but do not let
   uploaded files become visible before maintainers check and approve them.
   What we expect uploader to do when uploading anything is stated in
   /README.UPLOADER.  Read it!


   If you want the sources for this FTP server (derived from the Berkeley
   freely distributable sources) look into /bin for ls and ftpd programs
   (GNU-tar and BSD-compress are unmodified).


   Freely distributable does not mean the same thing as PD (public domain). 
   A big portion of the software available here is not in the public
   domain, although it is freely distributable.  Many are copyrighted by
   some person or organization, but can be distributed freely; there may be
   limitations on the manner of distribution and/or the usage of the
   programs.  There may also be certain rules concerning the distribution
   of modified versions (derivate work) of the programs, like saying that
   if you redistribute a modified version you must include in the
   distribution the 

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