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|> Subject: Looking for Some Software
|>     Does anyone know of Macintosh versions of the following two pieces of
|>     software - or other "freeware" alternatives for the MAC.
|>     1. UC Berkley Image Data Base
|>     2. Chromosome Information System
|>     Thanks,
|>     Joe Smith
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|>     SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse
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Sorry for the late reply, but I have been lazy reading the news due to
work overload.
Here is the info you requested:

1. UC Berkley Image Data Base:  codename	ImageQuery
   This software package has been developed at UC Berkeley to bring
order into a huge
   archeological slide collection. We at the LBL Human Genome Center
have adapted this        system to be used with gel images and
autoradiograms and the like. We added software to     handle and analyze
those images.

   ImageQuery runs on a UNIX workstation (SUN 4), with color monitor,
the implementation        we use runs under the X11R4 windowing system,
but a previous version ran under               SunView. The data are
stored in a database which is either a flatfile, a Sybase or Ingres
   relational database on a UNIX file server (SUN 4).
2. Chromosome Information System: codename 	CIS
    CIS is a package to store and retrieve many kinds of maps: genetic,
physical, ...
    It allows you to pose questions to the database by defining a region
on a picture of a
    chromosome. The maps are displayed in graphical form with MacDraw
like capabilities for
    editing and manipulation of the data.

    CIS like ImageQuery has 2 main parts: a user interface front end and
a database backend.
    The current implementation of the UI runs with SuperCard on a
MacIntosh (the faster the 
    better). The back end is a Sybase relational database management
system on a UNIX file 
    server (SUN 4).

For more information please contact me personally:

 |   Manfred D. Zorn                  | Internet:  MDZorn at lbl.gov      |
 |   Human Genome Center  MS 50B-3238 | Bitnet:    MDZORN at LBL          |
 |   Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory     |                                |
 |   1 Cyclotron Road                 | telephone: (415) 486-5041      |
 |   BERKELEY, CA 94720, U.S.A.       | FAX:       (415) 486-6363      |

Disclaimer:  Naming of brand names etc. is ONLY to share information and
does not mean
      that I  or my employer endorses or promotes the use of named product.

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