Software Review

Darrell Duane duane at XANTH.CS.ODU.EDU
Mon Mar 25 00:30:10 EST 1991

    I recently obtained a copy of the software Thesys.  This program is written
in the WordPerfect macro language and essentially writes your bibliographies
for you based upon the information in the APA, MLA, Turabian or U of Chicago
handbooks.  At the opening screen, Thesys asks you for the style of 
bibliography to write, and then asks you which kind of work to cite.
Thesys then asks for the appropriate information such as the author's name,
copyright date, ect. & generates the citation.  The program will 
then alphabetize the citations for you.
    Thesys also has a few other features such as an outline generator adn
quick commands such as spell check and single/double space.  It will also
reformat the keyboard for 4 different languages.  Thesys is available for
around $30 and comes with full documentation.  For more info or to 
order call 1 800 THESYS7.

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