Program for analysis of secondary structure

merritt at max.u.washington.edu merritt at max.u.washington.edu
Fri Mar 1 16:42:18 EST 1991

	Does anyone know of a program (preferable public domain, but anyway
usable) available via anonymous ftp or other network distribution path which
will analyse the secondary structure present in a given set of protein
	That is, I want to go from known atomic positions (not sequence)
to a listing of which residues are involved in beta-sheet, helix, etc. 
I am aware of programs by Kabsch & Sander  and  Levitt & Greer;  no doubt
others exist as well.  What I don't know is whether any of them are available
via ftp/Email/list-server. 
      					    Ethan A Merritt
Dept of Biological Structure                H510 Health Sciences
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Seattle, WA 98195                           merritt at u.washington.edu

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