WordRef and BibTex

"Robert Harper Finland", CSC HARPER at CSC.FI
Fri Mar 1 09:57:00 EST 1991

Greetings from Helsinki Finland,

I have just uploaded the BioSci TOC for the years 89,90,91 into the 
directory /pub/sci/molbio/databases/toc on the software server at 
NIC.FUNET.FI. The data is in two different formats File.dat and File.bib

Amos "the famous" Bairoch, wrote a few programs to reformat the BioSci
entries into EMBL/SWISS-PROT format. Those are of the type File.dat 
The idea being that table of contents are in a "unified" format that 
can be used directly by programs. Thanks to Amos Bairoch and Reinhard Doelz 
for making the files available.

The other format is BibTex and the files are of the type File.bib
I used nawk to convert Amos's .dat files to .bib files. There was
a couple of reasons for doing this:

1) If you have Tex then you can use BibTex for producing rather 
   sophisticated printouts from .bib files.  You can for example use the
   same references to generate output in different reference styles.
   For example a "Science" style or a "Nature" style. Journals all have
   their own particular style when it comes to writing references.
   BibTex takes the pain out of changing between styles.

2) I was aware of a Shareware hypercard stack called WordRef which can 
   be used to read BibTex files straight into the stack so why reinvent
   the wheel when trying to develop a database to handle TOC's when with
   a couple of day's work you can have the whole thing up and running.

You will also find WordRef13.sit in the /toc directory. Even if you are not 
interested in TOC's from BioSci WordRef is a beauty to use if you merely
want it for your own references. It has many different options for data entry.
You can input for articles, books, proceedings, thesis, etc, and interconvert
between different reference types. WordRef was programmed by Mark H. Nodine.

You will need  S P A C E  on your hard disk of your Mac if you want to download
everything. One year's TOC's can be quite big. All this an much more is
available via anonymous FTP from NIC.FUNET.FI

RGDS... "BibTex Bob"

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