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Dan Jacobson DANJ at jhuhyg.bitnet
Mon Mar 25 09:25:57 EST 1991


I'm looking for a program which will allow me to draw boxes around identical re
sidues in a multiple seqence alignment.

For example in the artificial sequences below it would be nice to draw boxes ar
uond those residues which are identical, here denoted by an *, without disturbi
ng the sequence itself by inserting a space where the line goes (which destroys
the alignment).
                         ****  ***
                         ****  ***

Surely some of the alignment programs can do this.  One which will run on a PC
DOS system is preferable but a MAC would be OK too.  The third option is an IBM
mainframe running VM/CMS.
I'd appreciate any information that you can provide, be it the program name or
an FTP site which holds it.  Thanks.


Dan Jacobson
danj at jhuhyg.sph.jhu.edu (internet)
danj at jhuhyg  (BITNET)

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