Mac to IBMRISC6000

tjames at eagle.wesleyan.edu tjames at eagle.wesleyan.edu
Wed Mar 6 15:29:59 EST 1991

Hi netters:
I am thinking about buying a Mac II (not fx). I would like to use it for
networking. Currently I use a Mac Plus and Versaterm to connect to a terminal
server from where I could get to any internet location. I also use an IBM
RISC6000 for some of my applications which is also connected to the terminal server.
All my connections use a 9600 baud setting. My querry has to do with using the
X-windows on the RISC6000. Could it be possible for me to use a MacX or similar
emulator on my new Mac II and communicate with  the RISC and take advantage of
its multi window capability ? In the long run I would be on an ethernet but I
would like to purchase the Mac II and the necessary software soon. I do not
plan to use any graphic applications until I get the ethernet.

Is MacX a public domain program ? Are there any good commercial source for such
a program ?

Thanks in advance.

Tharappel C. James
Departtment of Molecular Biology
Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT 06459-0175
U. S. A.
tjames at beaver.wesleyan.edu OR
tjames%beaver at wesleyan.bitnet

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