retrieval of protein sequence from PIR?

TAO%OPUS at mcoiarc.bitnet TAO%OPUS at mcoiarc.bitnet
Fri Mar 29 14:40:00 EST 1991

Dear netters,

I need help on protein sequence retrieval.  What I have are the accession no.s

from FASTA output, which gives accession no.s in PIR database.  However, I

only know how to retrieve certain sequence from EMBL, which don't have the PIR

databse.  Could any fellow netter give me a helping hand on from which server

I could retrieve these sequences?

Thanks in advance.

Tao Tao
Department of Microbiology
Medical College of Ohio
Toledo, Ohio 43699-0008
Internet: tao at opus.iarc.mco.edu
Bitnet:   tao%opus at mcoiarc.bitnet

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