Computational Biochemistry at ETH Zuerich

Rolf Georg Eberhardt reberhar at inf.ethz.ch
Mon Mar 11 03:13:39 EST 1991

Computational Biochemistry Research at ETH Zuerich


The Computational Biochemistry Research Group (CBRG) is a research 
group at the Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule Zuerich (ETH) in 
Switzerland, involving researchers from Organic Chemistry and Computer 
Science. Its main research goal is the derivation of biological/genetic 
information and theories through the analysis of genetic sequences.

Current Interests

The CBRG is mainly interested in the following topics:

- Cross-matching of an entire DNA-database against itself to record 
  all significant homologies.
- The computation of a theoretical measure of evolution either for 
  homologous sequences, in which case we compute the distance from 
  divergence, or for sets of sequences, in which case we compute 
  phylogenetic (evolutionary) trees. In both cases we are interested 
  in modelling and computing evolutionary distances between homologous 
- The effective visual representation of evolutionary information.
- The search for genetic clocks, i.e. methods for estimating age of 
  divergences based on sequence information. The goal of this research 
  is to obtain timing information as reliable as possible. We have been 
  studying methods based on non-coding DNA and methods based on the 
  redundancy of the genetic code for this clock.
- The reconstruction of ancestral sequences through probabilistic models.

The main tool for our research is the DSF (DNA Searching Facility) 
system. DSF is interactive, has a set of powerful primitive operations. 
DSF currently runs on Sun-3, Sun-4/SPARC, DECstation 3100 and on MIPS 
machines. The CBRG will distribute binaries of DSF via ftp free of charge.

If you are interested in our research we will gladly send you a hard-copy 
of our research paper describing CBRG and its activities. We can be 
reached through: 

	e-mail:	reberhar at inf.ethz.ch
	mail:	ETH Zuerich
		Institut fuer wissenschaftliches Rechnen
		CH-8092 Zuerich

Rolf Eberhardt, Inst. fuer wissenschaftliches Rechnen, ETH Zuerich, Switzerland
e-mail: reberhar at inf.ethz.ch

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