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jahayes at miavx1.acs.muohio.edu jahayes at miavx1.acs.muohio.edu
Thu Mar 21 15:51:07 EST 1991

For general information, I culled this little snippet from Science
this week (the 15 March issue). I have not edited it, it's reproduced
without permission (but I'm sure they won't mind!):

	"The union of biology with computers has been sanctified
with the formation of 'Biomatrix -- A Society for Biological Compu-

tation and Informatics.'
	Based at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico, the society
seeks the reordering of biological knowledge into more comprehensible
and accessible forms by using new methods of database management,
artificial intelligence, computational theory, and computer modeling.
	Among the chief movers behind the new society are biophysicist
Robert Morowitz of George Mason University, biologist Chris Overton of
Unisys Corp., and computer scientists Peter Karp of SRI International
and Larry Hunter of the National Library of Medicine. Annual membership
will be $25, $10 for students. Additional information can be obtained
from Ginger Richardson, Santa Fe Institute, 1120 Canyon Road, Santa
Fe, NM 87501." [end of article]

Sounds like some people here might be interested.
I have no connection with the Santa Fe Institute or any other group
or organization named in this article. Heck, _I_ have no plans to

Cheers, Josh Hayes, Miami of Ohio
jahayes at miavx1.acs.muohio.edu, or jahayes at miamiu.acs.muohio.edu

P.S. My editor had a bad case of the hiccups in the middle of this
article, sorry if it's gotten munged....the original article was on
pages 1310-1311.

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