Boxed alignment program(s)

Peter Rice Peter.Rice%EMBL at PUCC.PRINCETON.EDU
Mon Mar 25 17:17:00 EST 1991


>I'm looking for a program which will allow me to draw boxes around identical
>residues in a multiple seqence alignment.
>Surely some of the alignment programs can do this.  One which will run on a PC
>DOS system is preferable but a MAC would be OK too.  The third option is an IBM
>mainframe running VM/CMS.
>I'd appreciate any information that you can provide, be it the program name or
>an FTP site which holds it.  Thanks.

Well, you did say "any information". I have a program that uses the GCG package
to do this, which means it can run on VAX/VMS and soon probably Unix (when GCG
is converted). Sadly this does not include any of the three system you listed,
but perhaps you have access to others.

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