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Subj:   treaty threatens to make software patents inescapable

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Subject: treaty threatens to make software patents inescapable
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If the treaty described below is adopted, it will be impossible
ever to get rid of software patents.

One consequence is that the GNU project will come to an end.  Patents
will effectively prohibit free software for other than obsolete
purposes.  Nearly every program will infringe patents, but if it is to
be a free program, the option of licensing those patents will not even
be a possibility.

If you would like to continue having better GNU software to use, or if
you would like to be able to continue your own career without the
constant danger of being sued, please send mail to
league at prep.ai.mit.edu and find out how you can join the League for
Programming Freedom.

The "Basic Proposal" for Harmonization of U.S. and Worldwide
Patent Laws Submitted by WIPO

by Edward G. Fiorito

   On December 21, 1990, WIPO published a "Basic Proposal"
draft treaty which will be submitted to a Diplomatic
Conference to be held at The Hague June 3--28, 1991.  At
that Conference the text of the WIPO draft treaty will be
finalized and some or all of the participating countries
will sign it at this Conference.  If it is ratified by the
requisite number of countries at that time, the treaty will
go into effect in those countries.  In the United States,
the President must send the treaty to the Senate for
consideration and vote.   Once the Senate approves, the
treaty becomes law and our patent laws will be amended by
Congress to comply with the provisions of the treaty.

Article 10---Fields of Technology
1. Patent protection shall be available for inventions,
   whether they concern products or processes, in all fields
   of technology.

(Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society, Feb.
1991, pages 83--109.)

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