Information on HP 720 RISC workstation

Ken Seefried iii ken at dali.gatech.edu
Fri Mar 29 15:39:01 EST 1991

In article <9103272141.AA23152 at genbank.bio.net> sgough at S850.MWC.EDU (stephen gough) writes:
>You should have no trouble going from SunOS to HP-UX if you are using standard
>software calling standard libraries and the like.  The differences lie mainly
>in system administration (even those are fairly trivial) and systems-level
>programming where the kernel itself is used, or where specific utilities (e.g.,
>an error log) are to be accessed.   Both SunOS and HP_U-UX are System V-flavor
>machines with some Berkeley extensions, but SunOS is a bit more "Berkeleyish."
>This shouldn't matter unless you rely heavily on scripts which make heavy use
>of BSD utilities.   Both systems support the Bourne, C and korn shells.


SunOS is Berkeley derived.  Its got a few System V things thrown in.
HPUX is System-V derived, plus a lot of weird stuff thrown in.  They 
are about as different as two Unixes can be.  Porting software between
them is by no means always trivial.  

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