The number 1 FTP site in the Galaxy (nic.funet.fi or

Fri Mar 22 11:18:04 EST 1991

Hi! Anonymous FTP is a convient way that users on the internet can
get public domain software and document. FTP is a file transfer protocol
that allow users to transfer files between computers on the network.
The users should specify the user-id and password before trying to
get/put files from/to the remote host. But anonymous FTP let users
use anonymous as the user-id and requires no password. I am not sure
how that document was gotten. The TCP/IP connections (TANET) in Taiwan
does net connect to the international internet directly, but mails
on the TAINET can transfer to the internet via mail gateways on the
BITNET. We will connect to United States internet via Priceton University
at the end of this year. Then you can use all the facilities provided
by FTP on the internet.

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