Need testers for HyperCard DNA Sequence Editor

ireland at ac.dal.ca ireland at ac.dal.ca
Mon Mar 18 15:56:07 EST 1991

In article <9103181439.AA07574 at genbank.bio.net>, MPKDEKKE at rulgl.leidenuniv.nl writes:
> I'like to test your DNA sequence editor. Could you give some additional informat
>    ion about the advantages over other editors ( STRIDER and MacMolly)
> Ben Dekker
> MPKDEKKE at rulgl.leidenuniv.nl

Thanks to everyone who has offered to test my HyperCard DNA Sequence Editor.
I need to look over the documentation to make sure it doesn't describe 
features that have been deleted, etc. I will try to e-mail it to everyone
who offered to test it later this week.

The primary feature of my sequence editor is speaking the sequence as you
enter it from the keyboard.  I've tried to make it simple and easy to use.
I use DNA Strider and like it a lot, but it doesn't speak to me. My sequence
editor has been designed to work well with DNA Strider under MultiFinder
if you have enough RAM (probably 4 megs).  You can enter the sequence in
the HyperCard stack, then copy the sequence and paste into a DNA Strider
window. Alternately, you can save the sequence as a text file and then
open it with DNA Strider or any other program which accepts text files.
I think the speaking ability of this editor is better than the others I've
seen (only 2), but then I'm biased. I have never seen MacMolly. I have not
tried to make this sequence editor a "do everything" program, but a simple
tool which can be used with other sequence analysis programs.  Being a 
HyperCard stack, it will be very easy for others to modify to suit their
specific needs.

Keith Conover
kconover at ac.dal.ca

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