Info on addressing between networks

Thu Mar 7 21:42:41 EST 1991

> Is there any source of information on how to send
> messages from Internet or Bitnet to commercial
> networks such as Compuserve, MCI mail, Easylink, etc?

   The following regarding MCI mail was plucked/edited from a local bboard.
I've had no occasion to try it.  I have communicated with the 'Portal'
system from as:
           username at cup.portal.com
Have fun!
Tom Easton

-------- from bboard:
From: "David K. Ely" <dely at NRI.Reston.VA.US>
[ll. deleted] 
Currently, there is no charge for sending mail from the Internet to MCI Mail.
In order to send mail to users on MCI Mail, use one of the following addresses
    accountname at mcimail.com
    mci_id at mcimail.com
    full_user_name at mcimail.com
For instance, I have a mailbox on MCI Mail.  You could send mail to me
via either dely at mcimail.com or 379-3286 at mcimail.com or David_Ely at mcimail.com.
Users on MCI Mail can also send messages to the Internet.  At the "Command:"
prompt, type "create <carriage return>.  Then the user performs the following:

(NOTE  the "TO:", "EMS:" and "MBX:" strings are prompts provided by MCI Mail.
    Command:  create <return>
        TO:   David K. Ely (EMS)
         EMS:  INTERNET
         MBX:  dely at NRI.Reston.VA.US
This address is translated to:
    "David K. Ely" <dely at NRI.Reston.VA.US> by the Gateway.
Mail sent from MCI Mail to the Internet is charged by MCI Mail.
[ll. deleted] 

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