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The Biological Sequence/Structure Computational Facility (BS/SCF)
is a network (Internet) resource for DNA sequence and molecular modeling
software established by a National Science Foundation grant
to the University of Georgia in 1988. BS/SCF currently supports the
research activities of 65 laboratories in the Southeast
and is available to universities and non profit institutions on
Internet. We support a variety of standard packages, like IG, GCG, Phylip,
and Mapmaker, and the usual databases, such
as GenBank and Brookhaven. We have two fulltime support
people, Dr. Michael Weise for DNA sequence analysis and
Dr. David Stewart for molecular modeling.  BS/SCF is a scientific
cooperative maintained by subscribing members for an annual fee of $1000
per laboratory. Trial accounts are available for a period of two weeks on our
VAXcluster and for four weeks, on our IRIS. These resources
are available via Internet.  If interested,
send a message via Internet to:


We will forward to you, a management plan describing BS/SCF and
add you to our electronic mailing list.
					Dr. Jonathan Arnold
				        Associate Professor &
					Director, BS/SCF
					Genetics Department
					University of Georgia
					Athens, GA 30602

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