Information on HP 720 RISC workstation

stephen gough sgough at S850.MWC.EDU
Wed Mar 27 16:42:55 EST 1991

I have not worked with the new HP, but everyone I've talked to has raved about
its specs and theoretical capability.  Knowing HP, it undoubltedly will live
up to its advertised level of competence.

You should have no trouble going from SunOS to HP-UX if you are using standard
software calling standard libraries and the like.  The differences lie mainly
in system administration (even those are fairly trivial) and systems-level
programming where the kernel itself is used, or where specific utilities (e.g.,
an error log) are to be accessed.   Both SunOS and HP_U-UX are System V-flavor
machines with some Berkeley extensions, but SunOS is a bit more "Berkeleyish."
This shouldn't matter unless you rely heavily on scripts which make heavy use
of BSD utilities.   Both systems support the Bourne, C and korn shells.

Good luck.  If you get the machine, let me know how you lkike it.

Steve Gough (sgough at s850.mwc.edu)

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