Browsing through terabytes.

Tue Jun 25 03:58:00 EST 1991

   If you want to sell an idea who do you go to? To the big bosses
   who hold the purse strings, or the grass roots users who utilise
   the network. I think I prefer the latter.

   << Now we prepare the ground >> ( An introduction to WAIS )

   Excepts from BYTE May 1991.  "Browsing through terabytes"

   " WAIS is an engineering effort spearheaded by Thinking machines,
   the manufacture of the Connection Machine, a massively parrallel
   super computer."

   "The Libary of congress archives roughly 25 terabytes in its
   collection. To browse through this volume on your own would be
   nearly impossible"

   " WAIS can distill the contents of archives into neatly
   manageable and browsable folders"

   " With Relevance feedback WAIS can retreive documents with
   greater ease and speed "

   " The WAIS protocol also lets you use English-language-style
   query lexicon instead of cryptic SQL or forth generation

   "The DowQUEST runs on Connection machine... has 1 gigabyte of
   text derived from over 400 sources... the search time with a
   hundred word query composed in typed english... is less than half
   a second."

   "The projections for the connection Machine system indicate that
   when it is scaled to a 1 terabyte database with a ten word query
   obtaining an answer within 10 sec or less is highly probable."

   Rob "I have seen the future and it is big" Harper

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