Software for 3D organic structures?

extim at lure.latrobe.edu.au extim at lure.latrobe.edu.au
Sat Jun 22 01:14:48 EST 1991

Excuse me for asking what must have been a common question, but my
attempts to sort this out for myself have not been fruitful so far.

So could anyone give me the names and sources of software for the Mac
preferably, but PC as well, that will construct and display some 
reasonable approximation of the 3D structures of some simple organic
molecules. PD and commercial would both be of value.  My requirement
is simply for pretty pictures which can show the similarity of some
homologues that we have synthesised.

I am aware of MacMolecule, a fine package, but that requires the data
to come from previously solved X-ray crystalographic structure.

Any help would be most welcome

Ian McCauley
Victorian Institute of Animal Science
INTERNET/AARNET extim at lure.latrobe.edu.au.oz

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