BOXSHADE new release

Kay Hofmann KHOFMANN at cipvax.biolan.Uni-Koeln.DE
Tue Jun 11 10:10:25 EST 1991

I have put a new release of the BOXSHADE program on the EMBL-fileserver.
 for a short description a have included an excerpt from the readme file
 below. New features include
 - some bug fixes
 - REGIS support
 - POSTSCRIPT support (preliminary)
 - UIS-reduced sources that compile and run without VWS installed.

Kay Hofmann

from boxshade.readme:
This program makes multiple-aligned output from either
 - LINEUP- pretty files
 - CLUSTAL- .ALN  files
various kinds of shading can be applied to identical/similar amino acids
Output is suitable either for 
 - printing on a LJ250 printer 
 - printing on a REGIS device (terminal or RETOS-conversion)
 - for further conversion with RENDER (part of VAX Workstation Software VWS)
 - printing on a POSTSCRIPT printer as the APPLE LASERWRITER (TM) or
   for display/conversion using programs as GHOSTSCRIPT (of GNU)
At the moment, UIS and POSTSCRIPT output only support one-page output.
REGIS output can include several pages.
Use ReGIS-Term for output on a terminal and
    ReGIS-Page for further conversion with RETOS

The POSTSCRIPT implementation is still experimental. It is quite clumsy
and produces unneccessary huge output files. They seem to be suited at least
for printing on a LASERWRITER or for GHOSTSCRIPT. Please report any
problems you might encounter.
This program is probably not free from bugs and is everything
but user-friendly. It is completely public-domain and may be
passed around and modified without any notice to the author.

If you have problems, suggestions or remarks, please contact me

Kay Hofmann
Institut fuer Biochemie (med. Fak.)
Universitaet Koeln                         <--- this is Cologne  
Joseph Stelzmann Str. 52
D-5000 Koeln 41

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