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MacSciTech Unveils Goals at AppleTech '91

Minneapolis, MN (April 3, 1991) ...  In conjunction with this week's 
AppleTech '91 show and conference, the Consortium for Laboratory & 
Industrial Applications of the Macintosh, Inc. (Worcester, MA) and 
Apple Computer, Inc. (Cupertino, CA) announced the formation of 
MacSciTech, the Macintosh Scientific and Technical Users 
Association.  MacSciTech, founded by a group of interested 
scientists and engineers, is the first independent, international 
users association to focus solely on the use of Macintosh computers 
in science and engineering.  MacSciTech's charter is to enhance the 
effective utilization of the Macintosh within the scientific and 
engineering communities.  It's membership will be drawn from a 
wide range of technical disciplines, including engineering, 
chemistry, medicine, physics, astronomy, molecular biology, 
measurement and testing, environmental sciences, astronautics, 
behavioral sciences, computer-aided design, and manufacturing.

Unlike most users groups, MacSciTech's goals and objectives include 
a wide variety of far-reaching programs intended to further the 
professional objectives of its member scientists and engineers.  The 
objectives of the group are:
>>  To provide members with a variety of forums for the timely 
exchange of practical information on the use of Macintosh computers 
in science and engineering.
>> To provide members at all levels of expertise with education and 
training services concerning the use of Macintosh computers in 
scientific and engineering environments.
>>  To provide a vehicle for information exchange between scientific 
and engineering users of Macintosh computers and providers of 
Macintosh scientific and engineering hardware and software, 
including both Apple and third party vendors.
>>  To advance standards of excellence and professional development 
throughout the membership.

According to Doug Nomura, MacSciTech Chairman and a molecular 
biologist at DNAX Research Institute (San Jose, CA), "MacSciTech is 
a bit unusual as it operates as if it were a cross between a users 
group and a professional association.  As a users group, MacSciTech 
will foster open, interactive communications among its members 
through online, interactive services such as America Online, public 
domain software archives on the Internet, and quarterly 
newsletters.  As a professional society, the group will host an 
annual technical conference. The first conference is scheduled for 
January 1992 in San Francisco, just after MacWorld Expo.  
Additionally, the members of MacSciTech will work closely, through 
meetings and ongoing communications, with Apple and third-party 
developers on product and business issues that affect the scientific 
and engineering markets."

Gary Wagner, Consortium Chairman and Director of Sales and 
Marketing at Automatix, Inc. (Billerica, MA) states, "The Consortium 
is quite excited to have been involved in the formation of 
MacSciTech.  The education and support role of this group is a 
perfect complement to the market development efforts of the 
Consortium.  In fact, the MacSciTech board, which includes members 
of the Consortium, focuses on facilitating communications among 
end-users.  While MacSciTech will operate independently of the 
Consortium, the two groups will help draw the Macintosh community 
together and guarantee that the ultimate needs of all levels of 
engineering and scientific professionals are served. Crossover 
membership between the Consortium and MacSciTech is anticipated 
and encouraged."

"Apple is interested in working more closely with scientists and 
engineers because they tend to challenge technology within a multi-
platform environment," stated Cary Tengler, Higher Education 
Marketing Manager at Apple. "MacSciTech will bring together 
Macintosh users from different sectors -- government labs, 
educational institutions, and commercial enterprises -- and help us 
focus on their needs as we work on developing programs and 

Led by the efforts of an active volunteer organization, MacSciTech's 
Board of Directors includes a number of highly regarded 
professionals from industry, academia, and government research 
facilities.  The Board includes Doug Nomura, DNAX Research, 
MacSciTech Chairman; Dr. Michael Duncan, Naval Research 
Laboratory, MacSciTech Treasurer; Dr. Frank Brittain, Bechtel Corp.; 
Dr. Scott Jenkins, Sandoz Corp.; Dr. Barbara Jezl, E.I. duPont de 
Nemours; Dr. Mary Jo Spencer, University of New Hampshire; Dr. 
Craig Stone, San Jose State University; Dr. Cliff Stoll, Harvard 
University; Mr. Cary Tengler, Apple Computer; Mr. Ray Thompson, 
University of Colorado; and Ms Shari Worthington, Consortium for 
Laboratory & Industrial Applications of the Macintosh, Inc.

Special charter prices for membership in the society will be in 
effect through 1991:  Charter member dues are $25/year, with a 
student rate of $15/year.  MacSciTech's corporate offices will 
reside at 49 Midgley Lane, Worcester, MA 01604.  For further 
information about MacSciTech, contact Shari Worthington at Tel: 
508-755-5242, Fax: 508-795-1636, AppleLink: cons.lab.mfg, 
America Online: SciTechMac, or Internet: scitech at ra.nrl.navy.mil.

Established in 1989, the Consortium is an independent association of 
leading developers, VARs, and end-users, of laboratory and factory 
automation equipment who have aligned their efforts to further 
develop Macintosh computers as a platform for scientific, 
engineering, and manufacturing applications.

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Consortium for Laboratory & Industrial Applications of the 
Macintosh 49 Midgley Lane, Worcester, MA 01604  508-755-5242

Macintosh and AppleLink are registered trademarks of Apple 
Computer, Inc.
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