Fri Jun 28 00:23:23 EST 1991

Using the fine couple Peptidesort & Mobility to plot the electrophoretic and
chromatographic mobility, I found that the standard GCG procedure for
redirect the output to a Postscript file didn't work.

The following modification to Mobility fixed the problem:

1. The sign > indicates original source code that must remain as it is. I
   marked it to allow the localization into the source.
2. You must comment (ad "c" or something) on the two lines Call..., as shown.
3. You must add two lines of variable declaration: Logical... and Real...
   and four lines of codes Call WNewPage()..., as shown
4. Compile and GCGlink the program.

>!***  PlotStart  *******************************************************
>!**    Draws a frame, subframes,and labels the axes
>!**      SeqFile -- Lun of sequence
>!**      Check -- Checksum
>!**      Start, Stop -- range of sequence
>!**      IsopH -- The IsoElectric pH value
>!**      Amino -- The number of amino terminals
>!**      Carboxyl -- The number of carboxyl terminals.
>       Subroutine PlotStart(SeqFile, Check, Start, Stop, IsopH,
>    &             MaxY, MinY, MaxX, MinX, Abbrev, Seqline, Included,
>    &             Index, pH, Buffer)
>       Implicit None
>       Include 'mygcg:isoelectric.txt'
>       Integer SeqFile, Check, Start, Stop, Included(*), Index(*)
>       Character Abbrev(5,1:LastAA), SeqLine(*), Buffer(*)
>       Real IsopH, pH
>       Real MaxY, MinY, MaxX, MinX
>       Character InString(128), TempString(128)
>       Integer   i
>       Real VertPos, Offset, VOffset

        Logical WPlotBegin
        Real WPlotInit, HeadRoom

c       Call WPlotBegin
c       Call WPlotInit
c replaced for the following lines from PlotTest.For

        Call WNewPage() ! now a dummy call; it does nothing.
        If ( .not.WPlotBegin() ) Call WriteF('\n *** ERROR, '//
     &   'PLOTTEST cannot find your plotting device! ***\b\n\s')
        HeadRoom = WPlotInit()

>! Set units to inches
c Here follows the program ...

 Dr Jaime Prilusky
 Israeli National Node INN           ! LSPRILUS at WEIZMANN.WEIZMANN.AC.IL
 Weizmann Institute of Science       ! fax: 972-8-344113
 76100 Rehovot - Israel              ! tel: 972-8-342470 / 2979

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